Turmeric Milk AKA Golden Milk



1. Take an inch-long stick of turmeric. Remember that turmeric powder is never as effective as crushed turmeric sticks, because the chances of contamination in the powder are high, plus its efficacy is also bound to reduce during the heat-generating grinding process. So, take a stick of turmeric and crush it coarsely using a mortar and pestle.


2. Crush a few white peppercorns too


3. Mix a cup of water with a cup of milk, add the crushed turmeric and pepper and bring to a boil.


4. Simmer for 20 minutes. By this time, the milk will reduce to a cup. This is the reason why I suggest you begin with a mixture of milk and water; else you will end up with a very thick, cream-like drink that won't be as soothing.


5. Remove from the stove, filter, add a spoonful of honey or palm sugar, and enjoy the drink warm

Krina Panchal