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GI Effects Training Day

  • Holiday Inn Kensington High Street London, England, W8 United Kingdom (map)

By evaluating targeted biomarkers, the GI Effects® Stool Profiles can reveal hidden conditions that other stool tests may overlook. The GI Effects provides an informative report with synthesised actionable results and a D.I.G. treatment format (Digestion, Inflammation and Gut Microbiome). The test provides an expanded panel of commensal targets that offer insight into overall gut flora and possible treatments to restore robust gastrointestinal flora. GI Effects Stool Profiles also provides the best of technologic platforms for stool-based testing including a PCR assay for anaerobic bacteria and MALDI-TOF technology for the identification of cultivable species. During the course of the seminar, the speakers will explain the advanced faecal biomarkers in detail and will demonstrate their clinical relevance by presenting their own case studies.

Seminar Learning Objectives

To understand how the GI Effects Profile can assess exocrine pancreatic function and digestion and absorption of

• Proteins and fats. How can Calprotectin, EPX and Faecal SIgA provide further information on possible current, active inflammation in the gut.

• An understanding of the role of Short Chain Fatty Acids and their importance to overall gut health

• To gain insight into the microbiome and how the differing technologies of PCR and culture can help provide a more

• Comprehensive bacterial picture of your patient and how it may be modified.

• To understand parasitology infections and how best to address them.